Sunday, January 20, 2013

Swatches: Detrivore Cosmetics Shadows - Pinks, Taupes, and Oranges!

Hey Everyone!!!
  Today I have some more swatch photos of some of my Detrivore Cosmetics shadows! This post will mainly focus on the pinks, taupes, and oranges that I have! My main post was a full fledged review followed by detailed swatches, which you can see here. I am obviously not going to repeat the same review but I will have detailed explanations of the shadows in this post! Let's get on to the swatches!

  • All shadows are swatched over Two Faced Shadow Insurance.
  • All photographs were taken in artificial lighting with flash.
  • I will state the website description of each shadow as well as my own.
Left to Right: Cavern, Coma, & Weaponry
  • DC: Cavern is a pink matte eye shadow.
  • ME: Cavern is a pink matte eye shadow that could easily be used as a blush!
  • DC: Coma is a soft matte pink eye shadow.
  • ME: Coma is a cooler toned matte pink and is slightly lighter than Cavern. This shadow can also be used as a blush!
  • DC: Weaponry is a purplish pink eye shadow.
  • ME: Weaponry is a deeper pink matte eye shadow; it does have a slight purplish hue to it. I think this shadow would also make a great blush if you are looking for something darker.

Left to Right: Cadaverine, Absent, & Filth
  • DC: Cadaverine is a light reddish beige matte.
  • ME: I see Cadaverine as a more pink/peach toned beige matte eye shadow. This shadow would make a great highlight/blending shadow.
  • DC: Absent is a bright orangish red satin eye shadow with gold shimmer.
  • ME: Absent is a gorgeous red-orange satin with a ton of gold shimmer throughout. 
  • DC: Filth is a taupe eye shadow with heavy purple.
  • ME: Filth is a taupey-brown with a purple undertone. I would consider this shadow a satin finish but it doesn't contain any shimmer.
My favorites from this group are Cavern, Absent, and Filth!

Which ones out of this group do you like the best? Have you tried any of these shadows?

- Alicia

**DISCLAIMER**All products in this post were purchased by myself and all opinions are my own. My obligation is to give my readers an honest review of any products, whether positive or negative.

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