Saturday, January 12, 2013

Review: Z Palette

Hey Everyone!

   Today I am bringing you a review of the Z Palette. I needed to purchase a palette to stick my MakeupGeek shadows in so that I could free up my MAC palettes for some shadows that need de-potting. I ended up purchasing the black, large sized palette off of the MakeupGeek website.

  This palette has a hard cardboard exterior with a see through cover and a magnetized top so that the palette stays closed. The inside of the palette contains a magnetized base where the shadows are placed. One of the bonuses of this palette is that due to this base, you don't have to stick magnets onto your shadows for them to stick on the palette like you do with the old MAC ones. I find this wicked easy and much more convenient to use! I was also able to flip the palette over and not have my shadows move at all!!!

  I really like how you can see through the top of the palette so you don't have to spend all of your time labeling palettes because you cannot see the products in them. This would be great for makeup artists on shoots/ with clients as it will make it easier to get your products together. The magnet that keeps the palette shut is great and is very strong so it keeps the palette closed even if flipped over.

  As stated before, the exterior of the palette is made of a very sturdy cardboard. This could be a downside to the product as the cardboard may not hold up as well during travel, unlike the old MAC palettes, which are a hard plastic palette. The Z Palette is also slightly bigger than the old MAC palettes; you can fit 27 MAC/MUG eye shadows in the Z Palette, while in the old MAC palette you can fit 21 without the pan inserts. The dimensions for the Z Palette are 8''L x 4.75''W x .44''D.

  There are a variety of different sizes and colors of Z Palettes that are available which is great and really makes them unique from other palettes.

  I really like the Z Palette and I definitely want to purchase more once I need more palettes to put shadows in. The black Z Palette that I purchased from MakeupGeek was $18.99 and this palette can also be purchased from the Z Palette for $20.00. This palette is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a sturdy palette to put your pans of shadows in and I would highly recommend it!

Have any of you tried the Z Palette? How do you like it?

- Alicia

**DISCLAIMER**All products in this post were purchased by myself and all opinions are my own. My obligation is to give my readers an honest review of any products, whether positive or negative.

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