Thursday, January 3, 2013

Swatches: Detrivore Cosmetics Shadows - Browns/Neutrals

Hey Everyone!!!!

      I'm back with my first post for 2013! I hope that you all had a fun, safe, and happy new year and that you are excited for 2013! I seriously have been slacking on the swatches for my blog so I wanted to get a good start on them today. I am starting off with all of the Detrivore Cosmetics shadows that I have been collecting over the past year. I am seriously in LOVE with these shadows and they have some of the best matte shadows that I have ever used!

In case you aren't familiar with the brand, Detrivore Cosmetics is an indie makeup company that is owned and run by Distorria Mordred. Detrivore's main focus is loose cosmetics, such as shadows, powders, blushes, etc... I personally have only tried their shadows so that will be the focus of my posts. 

Detrivore sells their shadows in a 5 gram jar which costs $4.00 - $5.00 or a sample baggie that costs $1.00. Detrivore Cosmetics always has great promotional sales and the one that I normally purchase from is when they offer 10 shadows for $20.00! This is a fantastic deal as you are basically getting 5 shadows for free! 

The majority of the shadows that I own from this company are the matte formula because I absolutely love how smooth and easy to use this formula is! I find that the products don't leave those skip marks that some matte shadows can tend to do during blending and that they blend beautifully!
The naming system for this company is another reason why I really enjoy them! They are so unique as Distorria gets most of her inspiration from literature, films, music, marine biology, and entomology. I love how dark some of the names are and they always remind me of my favorite time of year, Halloween!

Now on to the swatches!!!

  • All shadows are swatched over Two Faced Shadow Insurance.
  • All pictures were taken in artificial lighting with flash.
  • I will state the website description of each shadow as well as my own description.
Left to Right: Wretched, Memento Mori, Nymph, & Torment
  • DC: Wretched is a dark brown matte.
  • ME: Wretched is a very dark chocolate brown matte shadow that would be perfect for defining/deepening the outer V. 
Memento Mori:
  • DC: Memento Mori is a dark plum matte.
  • ME: Memento Mori is a dark, matte plum with a brownish base. I really like this type of purple shadow and it's a great neutral shade to have in a collection. Definitely one of my favorites. 
  • DC: Nymph is a plum matte eye shadow.
  • ME: I would call Nymph more of a toned down red-brown matte shade with a copper undertone.
  • DC: Torment is a medium brown matte eye shadow.
  • ME: Torment is a beautiful cool toned matte brown that would be a perfect crease color for a brown/neutral smokey eye!
Left to Right: Toxicity, Silt, & Petrified
  • DC: Toxicity is a dark brown satin shadow with blue and pink shimmer. Very glittery.
  • ME: Toxicity is another one of my absolute favorite shadows as it is a dark brown with gorgeous light blue shimmers throughout. I honestly didn't really see the pink shimmers in this shadow. 
  • DC: Silt is a medium brown matte eye shadow.
  • ME: Silt is a medium matte brown with a more orange tone. 
  • DC: Petrified is a light brown matte eye shadow.
  • ME: Petrified is a gorgeous light matte brown that reminds me of Kid from MAC but slightly darker. This shadow is perfect as a darker transition color to help blend out the crease.
Left to Right: Autopsy, Ossuary, & Topiary
  • DC: Autopsy is a warm beige eye shadow.
  • ME: Autopsy is a beautiful warm beige matte shadow that is perfect for blending the crease out. This shadow is also great for those who have a darker skin tone or are tan as an all over lid color.
  • DC: Ossuary is a light beige eye shadow.
  • ME: Ossuary is a matte light beige that is a perfect dupe for Brule from MAC. For those of us who are pale as can be in the winter, this is a perfect all over lid shade as well as for blending!
  • DC: Topiary is a light taupe shadow with white shimmer.
  • ME: Topiary is absolutely gorgeous as it is a very light taupe-champagne shadow with white, yes WHITE shimmer throughout! This shadow would make a beautiful under brow or inner corner highlight if you are looking for a hint of shimmer! 

As you can see these shadows are absolutely GORGEOUS and TO DIE FOR! I seriously cannot say enough about how much I am in love with Detrivore Cosmetics shadows! My favorites from this group are Topiary, Toxicity, Wretched, and Memento Mori.

Have any of you tried Detrivore Cosmetics? If so which shadows are your favorites? Which are your favorites from this post?

- Alicia

**DISCLAIMER**All products in this post were purchased by myself and all opinions are my own. My obligation is to give my readers an honest review of any products, whether positive or negative.


  1. Hi there! I've actually wanted to ask this already when you posted the swatches of the Halloween collection of Detrivore Cosmetics but could you maybe do a tutorial using only DC? I purchased the Halloween collection and even though I quite often use them in looks together with other products, I'm having a bit of a hard time coming up with looks that use only those.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Jo!
      I actually just filmed a tutorial using just Detrivore Cosmetics that I will be uploading soon! The only shadow from the Halloween Collection that I used in the tutorial is Cavern, but I can definitely come up with another one for you too! I love using their shadows so it's not a problem at all!

    2. Thanks so much, Alicia! I really enjoy watching your tutorials - they're so simple to follow and recreate!

    3. No problem and thank you so much!!