Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sneak Peak: The Glamour Doll Eyes Halo Collection!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

   I have a very exciting post for you today! I was contacted in 2012 by Vee to be involved with a new collection that Glamour Doll Eyes is coming out with and I obviously jumped on the opportunity! Vee asked if I would create some looks and a tutorial for a booklet that will be distributed along with the Halo Collection. As you all know by now Glamour Doll Eyes is one of my absolute favorite makeup brands and their shadows are some of the best that I have ever used.

  The focus of the Halo Collection from Glamour Doll Eyes is to bring a spark to 10 different neutral shadows to make them much more unique. Each of the shadows have a sparkle, shimmer, and sheen added to them. The shadows are just gorgeous and definitely add a kick to those sometimes blah neutral shadows! 

This is one of the looks I did that I wrote out a tutorial for using the shadows!

  Now on to the shadows!!!
  •  All photos are taken in artificial light with a flash.
  • All shadows are swatched over GDE Control Freak Primer.
  • I will be using the description of the shadows as stated by GDE.
Left to Right: Flawless, Disclose, Vulnerable, & Imitation
Flawless: A light beige/pink with subtle turquoise and gold shimmers.

Disclose: A blackened gold with red and orange shimmers.

Vulnerable: A light beige with rose and green shimmers.

Imitation: A medium beige with dark brown undertones and silver shimmers.

Left to Right: Mannequin, Flaunt & Audacious
Mannequin: A baby pink with metallic qualities and blue shimmers.

Flaunt: A medium taupe with pink and gold shimmers.

Audacious: A metallic copper/gold with black undertones and copper shimmers.

Left to Right: Undressed, Unveil, & Exposed
Undressed: A dark blackened brown with green shimmers.

Unveil: A dark matte brown with purple shimmer undertones. Also has maroon qualities.

Exposed: A medium matte grey with subtle multi colored shimmers.

I also wanted to show you a couple looks that I created using these shadows: 

I honestly think that these gorgeous shadows are so unique and I love using them in looks! They really bring a different twist any neutral eye! I want to thank Vee for involving me in this project and I greatly appreciate it!!!

My favorites from this collection are Unveil, Vulnerable and Flaunt!

The Halo Collection is due out January 20th, 2013 and will cost $40.00.

Are any of you planning to purchase this collection? Which shadows are your favorites?

- Alicia

**DISCLAIMER** Some or all products in this post have been provided by the brands stated for review or use. All opinions are my own and it is my obligation to give my readers an honest review of any products received, whether positive or negative.


  1. You are just too cute and lucky! This collection looks amazing! Congrats! :D

    1. Aww thanks Kassie! It is amazing!! PS good luck with starting classes up again! :)

  2. I can't wait for these to go live! :) Waiting waiting waiting!