Friday, March 1, 2013

Swatches: Detrivore Cosmetics Shadows - Purple, Greens, Grays/Silvers, & Blue


Hi Everyone!

I finally have another swatch post for you with more of my Detrivore shadows! Sorry that it has taken me so long to put up this post, I have been so busy with school and everything that I spaced out on doing swatches :-( I really do love swatching shadows because you get to see how beautiful the shadows are and I find it good for figuring out color combos for tutorials ;-). Again, if you want to see the actual review of Detrivore Cosmetics, check out my initial post here. You can also view the second post of swatches here. Okay enough of my babbling, ON TO THE SWATCHES!
  •  All swatches are done over Two Faced Shadow Insurance.
  • All photos were taken in artificial lighting with flash.
  • I will state the website description of each shadow as well as my own description. 
Livor Mortis
  Livor Mortis:
  • DC: Livor Mortis is a dark purple shade.
  • ME: Livor Mortis is a gorgeous dark purple with light blue, purple, and pink shimmers throughout. 
From Left to Right: Abnormal, Crocodilia, & Hubgoblin
  • DC: Abnormal is a yellow with a black base.
  • ME: Abnormal seemed to be more of a yellow based olive green with yellow and green sparkles throughout. I also saw hints of pink sparkles.
  • DC: Crocodilia is a dark teal with heavy sparkle.
  •  ME: Crocodilia is a gorgeous teal with lighter teal sparkles throughout.
  • DC: Hubgoblin is a bright shimmery teal satin eye shadow.
  • ME: Hubgoblin is a bright teal with lighter green/mint shimmers throughout. It is a satin finish.

From Left to Right: Samhain, Cremains, & Adipocere
  •  DC: Samhain is a black satin eye shadow with gold shimmer
  • ME: Samhain is a blackish-gray color with teal, pink and gold shimmers throughout.
  •  DC: Cremains is a dark silver eye shadow.
  • ME: Cremains is a more blue based silver-gray with bluish shimmers throughout.
  • DC: Adipocere is a light gray eye shadow.
  • ME: Adipocere is a matte, light gray eye shadow.
  • DC: Smog is a blue-gray eye shadow.
  • ME: Smog is a deeper cornflower blue shadow that has a satin finish.
My favorites out of this group are Livor Mortis, Crocodilia, Cremains, & Adipocere.

Which shadows out of this group do you like the best? Do you own any of these shadows? What have you paired them with to create looks?


  **DISCLAIMER**All products in this post were purchased by myself and all opinions are my own. My obligation is to give my readers an honest review of any products, whether positive or negative.

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