Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Swatches: Detrivore Cosmetics Halloween 2012 Collection

Hey Everyone!

   Today I will be showing you swatches of the Detrivore Cosmetics Halloween Collectionfor 2012! I received mine in the mail a couple of days ago and I was dying to swatch them all for you! The shadows are absolutely beautiful and I cannot get over the names, they are awesome! 

I will be showing the swatches and then have descriptions of each shadow from the Detrivore website and then my take on the shadow.

This collection is $27.00 and can be found here

Each picture was taken in artificial lighting with no flash.

Now on to the awesome shadows included in this collection!

From left to right: Toxicity, Samhain, Crocodilia, & Acid Test


Site Description: A dark brown satin with blue and red shimmer.
My Description: A dark taupey brown with light blue shimmer; I couldn't really see the red shimmer in this one, but that could have been due to my lighting.


Site Description: A black satin with gold shimmer.
My Description: A charcoal black with gold shimmer.


Site Description: A dark satin teal with heavy shimmer.
My Description: A teal with gold, silver, and teal shimmer.   

Acid Test:

Site Description: An off gold satin
My Description: This shadow seemed to be almost a chartreuse and gold combination. I thought it is an absolutely beautiful color.

From left to right: Filth, Memento Mori, Absent, Cavern, & Cadaverine

Site Description: A satin taupe with a heavy purple shimmer.
My Description: I found this shade to be more of a purple than a taupe; but it definitely has the purple shimmer.

Memento Mori:

Site Description: A dark plum matte (this shadow can also be found in the Graveyard Collection).
My Description: I thought that this shade was a dark plum/maroon combination. I really love it and love the matte finish.

Site Description: A reddish orange satin with gold shimmer.
My Description: A burnt orange with gold shimmer.

Site Description: A matte pink.
My Description: A matte pink that would be great as a blush as well, especially for the Fall!


Site Description: A light reddish beige matte (this shadow can also be found in the Graveyard Collection).
My Description: I found this shade to be a beautiful peachy beige matte. I would love this shadow for a highlight or all over the lid color!

Overall I think that this collection is absolutely stunning. Each of the colors are completely wearable and would work together beautifully. I can't wait to do some looks with these shadows!

I really hope you all found this post helpful and that you decide to pick up the collection! Detrivore Cosmetics is quickly becoming quite high on my list of favorite Indie companies! They always have amazing sales and frequently have 10 shadows for $20.00, which is such a steal!

Have you tried this collection yet? Which shadows are your favorites?

- Alicia

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