Friday, August 10, 2012

Lit Cosmetics Glitter Swatches!

Hey Everyone!!

     So today I am here to show you some amazing glitters that I have absolutely fallen in love with. Yes, you guessed it Lit Cosmetics glitters! Lit was created by owner Jodie Perks in 2001. Lit Cosmetics has an astounding amount of glitters available for purchase in basically every color imaginable. I absolutely LOVE their website and keep it up sometimes just to listen to the music that they play haha! They have so many different glitter options and have mini swatch circles of each color so that you can get an idea of what exactly the glitter looks like and I found them to be fairly true to color.

Lit glitters are available in 4 different sizes (descriptions from the Lit Cosmetics website):
-       Size #1 (0.002x0.002): “Sexy Sophistication” the smallest glitter cut.
-       Size #2 (0.004x0.004): “Fun Lovin & Fancy Free" the most popular cut.
-       Size #3 (0.008x0.008): “Go Bling or Go Home” medium cut.
-       Size #4 (0.015x0.015): “Diva” the big cut.

Lit glitters are also available in 4 different textures (descriptions from the Lit Cosmetics website):
-       Shimmers: See through iridescent sparkles with a touch of color.
-       Solids: Pure glitter color.
-       Metallics: A matte shine with solid color.
-       Electrics: Shocking color with a little hint of sparkle.

The neon Shimmers and the Electrics glow under black lights, which I think is pretty awesome!!!!

The cost of the glitters are $12.95 each but Lit has some great options of purchasing starter kits and they are a great way to try out glitters and save some money as well!

Lit also has their own Clearly Liquid Glitter Base which I have found to be amazing at keeping glitter on the lid and also helps prevent fallout of glitter onto the face. As described by the Lit Cosmetics website, the Lit Clearly Liquid Glitter Base is used to bond and control all color: glitter, metallics, electrics, and micas to any eye or skin area. This base prevents “loose” products from floating, flaking, smudging, or creasing and keeps your base makeup from rubbing off or losing color. This product is also hypo allergenic and very long lasting.
-       Cost :$22.95

Okay and now finally on to the swatches!!!! I purchased the Multi Stack Lit Kit and I chose the one with 5 glitters. My order came with a free full size glitter as well so I now have 6 in total. These photos were shot in artificial lighting with no flash.

This little mesh puff helps to remove any glitter fallout on the face

The kit comes with two different application brushes, the top is the Round Brush and the bottom is the Liner Brush

Vitamin C is the perfect light pink glitter

Champagne Wishes is a pale gold/white glitter with multidimensional sparkles

Rich & Famous is a rich bronze with multidimensional sparkles

Peacock is a perfect blue-teal colored glitter

Kiss is a true blood red colored glitter

Sugar & Spice is a very pretty pale pink with multidimensional sparkle

 And now some swatches of the actual glitters on the skin! These photos were shot in artificial lighting with flash.

Vitamin C, Champagne Wishes, Rich & Famous, Peacock, Kiss, & Sugar & Spice

Vitamin C, Champagne Wishes, Rich & Famous, Peacock, Kiss, & Sugar & Spice
My absolute favorites from the glitters that I purchased are Champagne Wishes, Rich & Famous and Peacock! I find that working with glitters does take some practice but the glitter base that Lit provides is seriously the best that I have used and definitely reduces the fallout of glitter! I really do like the little mesh puff and it does work well to remove any fallout that may occur during application!

I really hope this post was helpful for you! Which out of this group are your favorite and what other glitters would you suggest?! 



  1. Uhhhh!!! Peacock looks sooooooo pretty!! <3 Thanks for sharing the swatches! I really like Gunsmoke and Cayman! If I could just have all the glitters I would be happy lol.

    1. Haha I know right!!! If only! Peacock is definitely a favorite of mine!!