Saturday, July 5, 2014

Review & Swatches: Mazzie Cosmetics Matte Collection!

Hey Everyone!

Today I have an exciting post for you! I am reviewing the Matte collection from Mazzie Cosmetics! I have previously reviewed shadows from Mazzie Cosmetics that you can see here! In case you don't know about this brand, Mazzie Cosmetics in an Indie Brand that my friend Rachel has created. She is incredibly talented and works very hard to create quality products. You can check out her Etsy shop here.

This collection consists of 12 Matte shadows that have a slight shimmer shift added to them. I do consider these shadows to be more of a semi matte formula. Glamour Doll Eyes has a similar formula called the Matte Squared Collections. If you have tried those, these are comparable and similar in formula and texture.

Let's get on to the swatches:
  • All swatch photos taken in artificial light.
  • All shadow swatch photos taken with flash.
  • All photos swatched over Lorac Behind The Scenes Primer.

From Left to Right: Haunted, Panic!, Acid Bath, & Dementia
Haunted: Haunted is a gorgeous, vibrant green that has a slight yellow undertone to it. This shadow also has a shift of gold throughout.

Panic!: Panic! is one of my favorites! This shadow is a blue-green teal that has a sliver-ish shift to it.

Acid Bath: Acid Bath is a chartruese green that has a slight green shift to it.

Dementia: Dementia is a pale yellow shadow with a golden yellow shimmer shift throughout. This shadow seems like it would be more vibrant in the pot, but I actually like how it's more pale when swatched!

From Left to Right: Dark Entry, Spellbound, Fangs of Love, & Corrosion
Dark Entry: Dark Entry is a maroon shadow that has a purple shift/undertone to it. I absolutely love this shadow and you can see it in action in this tutorial here.

Spelbound: Spellbound is a bright, vibrant pink. This shadow is one of the shadows that appears most matte, although it still has a slight shift of a lighter pink to it.

Fangs of Love: Fangs of Love is a gorgeous matte blood red shade that has a hint of a pink shift to it.

From Left to Right: Vaccination, Shadow Play, Overdose, & Batz
Vaccination: Vaccination is a white shadow that appears as more of a satin finish with no distinct shimmer shift.

Shadow Play: Shadow Play is a bright, vibrant blue shadow that is similar to vaccination in that it has more of a satin finish rather than an actual shimmer shift. This shadow is crazy pigmented!

Overdose: Overdose is a beautiful deep purple that seems to have a deep red undertone to it. This shadow has a blue shimmer shift to it.

Batz: Batz is an extremely pigmented black shadow that is one of the more matte shadows that has a very slight shimmer shift, but it's barely detectable in the swatch. This is one of the most pigmented blacks I have worked with.

Overall I think that this formulation is fantastic! I really like the semi matte formula! I did not have any issue with pigmentation with any of the shadows in this collection. When they apply on the lid, they apply smooth and I don't notice any skipping on the lid or crease. I also did not notice a lot of product kick up when I was using them; they do not appear to be overly powdery and I barely had any fallout with these shadows.

I would highly recommend these shadows if you are looking for great quality and affordability!

These shadows cost $6 for 10 grams of product.

I hope that you found this review to be helpful and that you give Mazzie Cosmetics a try! Have you tried Mazzie Cosmetics before? What are your favorites from this collection?


**DISCLAIMER** Some or all products in this post have been provided by the brands stated for review or use. All opinions are my own and it is my obligation to give my readers an honest review of any products received, whether positive or negative.