Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Mazzie Cosmetics!!!

Hey Everyone!

Today I am reviewing Mazzie Cosmetics for you all! Mazzie Cosmetics is a local company out of New Hampshire and the products are sold through Etsy. Rachel is the owner and she is so sweet and was kind enough to send me some of her shadows to review! I am all about supporting Indie brands so I jumped on the opportunity to review these products!

Rachel sent me 5 of her shadows to review, so let's get going with the swatches!
  • All photos are taken in artificial light with flash.
  • All shadows are swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
  • I will use Mazzie Cosmetics' description of the shadows, followed by my own.

Left to Right: Apocalyptic, Nitro, Muck, Tombstone, & Dollface

Left to Right: Apocalyptic, Nitro, Muck, Tombstone, & Dollface
  • MC: Shimmery gold/brown.
  • ME: Apocalyptic is a gorgeous peachy gold shadow with a brown undertone.
  • MC: Shimmery gold/silver.
  • ME: Nitro is a golden taupe shadow with what seems to be a dark silver/brownish undertone.
  • MC: Shimmery dark brown.
  • ME: Muck is a dark brown with golden shimmers throughout. This brown leans toward the warm side.
  • MC: Unfortunately this shadow isn't on the site anymore :(
  • ME: A bluish silver with a blackened undertone.
  • MC: Shimmery pink/purple.
  • ME: Dollface is a pink shadow with a purple undertone.
All I can say is I absolutely love these shadows and I am so impressed with the pigmentation and how great they wear! These shadows last all day and I only noticed minimal fading during a 12 hour day! The shadows have just the right amount of shimmer and shine, but aren't overwhelming.

My favorites out of the bunch are Apocalyptic, Nitro, and Dollface!

As you may have noticed, Dollface came in a larger 10 gram jar while the other 4 came in a smaller 5 gram jar. The 10 gram jars cost $5.00 (YES ONLY $5!!!!!!) and the 5 gram jars cost $2-$3. These shadows are extremely budget friendly and are a fantastic value for the money!

I really hope that you all enjoyed this review and I would highly recommend you try out Mazzie Cosmetics if you are looking for some amazing shadows that are kind on the wallet!


**DISCLAIMER** Some or all products in this post have been provided by the brands stated for review or use. All opinions are my own and it is my obligation to give my readers an honest review of any products received, whether positive or negative.

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