Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review & Swatches: MakeupGeek Shadows!

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So I was recently contacted by MakeupGeek to try out some more of their products! The company offered to send me 12 eyeshadows, 5 pigments, and 2 gel liners! I was so flattered and excited to try out more products from MUG, so I jumped on the opportunity! I am going to split this review up into 3 parts, just so that there isn't one massively long post! I am going to start off with the shadows! I really hope that you all enjoy this review and find it to be helpful!

  • Each photo was taken in artificial light.
  • Swatch photos were taken with flash.
  • Swatches were done over Lorac Behind The Scenes Eye Primer.



Taupe Notch

Creme Brulee

Drama Queen

Beaches & Cream





Last Dance

Left to Right: Bling, Beaches & Cream, Creme Brulee, Cinderella, Cupcake, Hipster
Bling: Bling is a gorgeous champagne/diamond color with a satin/shimmer finish. This shadow is great for a brow or inner corner highlight.

Beaches & Cream: Beaches & Cream is the perfect transition shade! It's an almost skin tone shadow is is great as a base color to aid with blending. This shadow has a slight hint of orange but it is a more neutral shadow.

Creme Brulee: Creme Brulee is a matte warm toned, light brown shadow. I would compare this shadow to MAC Cork.

Cinderella: Cinderella is a gorgeous light rose gold pink with a satin finish.

Cupcake: Cupcake is a matte dusty rose pink shadow. This shadow would be great to do a smokey eye with and use as a transition color in the crease!

Hipster: Hipster is a cool toned taupe shadow that has a satin finish. This shadow has a slight gray undertone to it.

From Left to Right: Taupe Notch, Latte, Last Dance, Drama Queen, Mermaid, Nautica
Taupe Notch: Taupe Notch is deeper than Hipster and has more of a warm brown undertone to it.This shadow has a satin finish.

Latte: Latte is a matte, warm toned deep brown shadow

Last Dance: Last Dance is a reddened purple with a slight hint of pink. This shadow has a satin finish.

Drama Queen: Drama Queen is a beautiful deep purple with almost a hint of black as a base. This shadow has a satin finish.

Mermaid: Mermaid is a vibrant sea foam/blue shadow. This shadow has a satin finish.

Nautica: Nautica is a gorgeous royal blue with a satin finish.

As you can see, these shadows are incredibly pigmented. The matte finish shadows blend like a dream and I don't ever notice any streaking or skipping in my crease when I am blending. The satin finishes have no glitter in them but have a gorgeous slight shimmer. They are impeccable shadows.

I always use MUG shadows in my everyday wear and I use them a lot in my tutorials as well. I find that I gravitate more to them than my MAC shadows ( I know, shocker!!!).

I would highly recommend you try out these shadows. They are definitely worth every cent!

You can purchase the pan shadows here for $5.99 each. Each pan contains 1.8 grams of product.


**DISCLAIMER** Some or all products in this post have been provided by the brands stated for review or use. All opinions are my own and it is my obligation to give my readers an honest review of any products received, whether positive or negative.

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