Sunday, January 19, 2014

Swatches: New Glamour Doll Eyes Shadows & HydraGlaze!

Hey Everyone!

My absolute favorite Indie company Glamour Doll Eyes is coming out with some new products tomorrow and I wanted to show you some that Vee sent to me (thanks Vee!!! :-D) Glamour Doll Eyes is releasing 16 new eyeshadows, 3 new blushes, and 4 HydraGlazes into their permanent collection! I received 1 HydraGlaze and 6 of the new shadows! Let's get on to the swatches!
  • All photos taken in artificial light.
  • All swatch photos taken with flash.
  • All shadow swatches done over Lorac Behind The Scenes Eye Primer.

Left to Right: Surprise!, Funeral Parlor, Arsenic, Junkie, Frat Boy, & Busted
Surprise!: Surprise! is a gorgeous white shadow with a pink duochrome. This shadow would be perfect for an inner corner and brow bone highlight!

Funeral Parlor: I have been DYING to get this shadow (no pun intended!). Funeral Parlor is a gorgeous purple shadow with pink and blue shimmer throughout.

Arsenic: Arsenic is a beautiful orange shadow with orange and pink shimmer throughout.

Junkie: Junkie is a deep, almost blue toned red with red shimmer.

Frat Boy: This shadow is beautiful! Frat Boy is a gorgeous green with what looks like a holographic gold shimmer throughout, it's absolutely stunning!

Busted: Busted is a beautiful blue shadow with a purple shift/shimmer to it! Absolutely gorgeous!


Sailor's Delight: Sailor's Delight is a beautiful bright, blue - toned pink gloss! The HydraGlaze is a thick and creamy gloss that has some tackyness to it, which helps prolong the wear. I really love this color and it's perfect for Spring and Summer! The HydraGlaze smells AMAZING as well! It smells like a vanilla cupcake!

I really hope that you found this post to be helpful and let me know if you end up purchasing any of these shadows or any of the HydraGlazes!

My favorite shadows of this bunch are Surprise!, Funeral Parlor, & Frat Boy.


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