Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sigma Advanced Artistry Collection!

Hey Everyone!

I am wicked excited to announce to you that the Sigma Advanced Artistry Collection is now available on their website! I am honestly very excited for this release as I am a brush junkie and I love using all types of brushes for a variety of different things!

This collection contains three different kits that can be used for a variety of different makeup applications. 

The first kit that is available is the Extreme Color Payoff Kit! This kit is great for applying color with a punch! Each brush has it's own unique way of applying color in a way that gives you the best color payoff of your shadows!

The next kit is the Perfect Blend Kit! This kit is honestly the one I am dying to try since I love blending brushes! In this kit, there are brushes that can be used for a more diffused blend or for more precise work, while still blending out shadows!

The third and final kit of this collection is the Spot-On Conceal Kit! This kit contains a variety of brushes that can be used to conceal different areas of the face. If you mainly have smaller blemishes, there are brushes specifically for you! If you need bigger areas concealed, such as redness, there is also a brush for you! Such a versatile kit and just a little secret (you CAN use them for other applications besides concealer!)

Each of these kits can be found on the Sigma website and are available for $63 each or you can purchase all three kits together for $175!

Have you tried any of these kits out yet!? What are your thoughts?!


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