Monday, June 10, 2013

Swatches: MakeupGeek Pigments & Shadows!

Hey Everyone!!!

I have quite an exciting post for you today! I was lucky enough to be able to purchase some of the new MakeupGeek pigments and some more of their shadows! I absolutely adore their shadows and if you would like a full review please click here. Since I love the shadows so much, I just had to try some of the new pigments that just came out not too long ago! Everyone is raving about them on the YouTube and Blogging community, so I figured why not?!

I absolutely LOVE the packaging for the pigments. The cover is a matte black finish and the MUG symbol is actually a part of the cover, not just a sticker!

Each of the pigment jars contain about 2g of pigment product and cost $6.99!

Lets get onto the swatches!!
  • All photos are taken in artificial light with flash.
  • All swatches are done over Two Faced Shadow Insurance, unless stated otherwise.
  • I will use MakeupGeek's description of the shadows followed by my own.
Left to Right: Insomnia, Enchanted, Birthday Wish, & Utopia

Left to Right: Insomnia, Enchanted, Birthday Wish, Utopia

Left to Right: Insomnia, Enchanted, & Utopia
Insomnia with green sheen

  • MUG: Insomnia is a dark chocolate colored pigment has sparkling blue/teal reflects.
  • ME: Insomnia is a gorgeous teal/green and brown duochrome. This shadow is comparable to that of Blue Brown Pigment from MAC and Dinospotz from Glamour Doll Eyes.
  • MUG: Enchanted is a light plum containing shimmer.
  • ME: Enchanted is a light pink toned plum with shimmer throughout. 
Birthday Wish:
  • MUG: Birthday Wish is a light golden peach shade.
  • ME: Birthday Wish is a light peachy/rose gold with shimmer throughout.
Left to Right: Utopia alone, Utopia over TFSI, Utopia over TFSI and wet with MAC Fix +, and Utopia over a black base
  • MUG: Utopia is a duochrome glitter pigment that is the perfect mixture of deep browns and antique gold shimmer
  • ME: Utopia is a beautiful bronzed gold glitter pigment. This shadow really transforms when it is applied wet and over a black base to a real antique gold look.
Out of these pigments, I have to say that Utopia is definitely the most unique and out of my entire collection, is the most unique pigment/glitter that I own! This pigment transforms from a gold glitter into a metallic gold when it's applied wet and over a black base!

I am a complete sucker for duochromes, so of course Insomnia was a must have! Although there are a large variety of dupes for this pigment, I find that each of them have their own uniqueness to it and not all are exactly the same!

Now for the shadows that I picked up!

From Left to Right: Sea Mist, Unicorn, Purple Rain, & Mango Tango
 Sea Mist:
  • MUG:  Sea Mist is an emerald green with shimmer.
  • ME: I find this shade of green to be quite unique. I think that it is a combination of an emerald green and teal with shimmer throughout.
  • MUG: Unicorn is a blue purple shadow.
  • ME: Unicorn is a light purple with a blue undertone.
Purple Rain:
  • MUG: Purple Rain is a matte true purple.
  • ME: Purple Rain is a gorgeous deep purple shadow with a matte finish.
Mango Tango:
  • MUG: Mango Tango is a peachy pink with flecks of gold.
  • ME: Mango Tango is a gorgeous pinky peach shadow with a slight gold shimmer. This shadow would be awesome as a blush!
Left to Right: Peach Smoothie, Frappe, & Brown Sugar
Peach Smoothie:
  • MUG: Peach Smoothie is a light peach with a soft matte finish.
  • ME: Peach Smoothie is a matte pale peach shadow.
  • MUG: Frappe is a medium maple brown matte.
  • ME: Frappe is a medium cool toned matte brown.
Brown Sugar:
  • MUG: Brown Sugar is a warm shimmery copper brown.
  • ME: Brown Sugar is a gorgeous copper based brown with a golden sheen.
Out of this batch of shadows, my favorites are Purple Rain, Sea Mist, Frappe, & Brown Sugar. The MakeupGeek shadows run for $5.99 each.

I hope that you all liked this post! Have you tried any of the new pigments? If so, which are your favorites? 


**DISCLAIMER**All products in this post were purchased by myself and all opinions are my own. My obligation is to give my readers an honest review of any products, whether positive or negative.


  1. Fabulous colours. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    1. I know I love them! I can't wait to play around with the new shadows and pigments!

  2. I want to get my hands on those pigments so bad! Too bad I can't afford it right now :/ Great review!

    1. Thanks Kassie! You definitely should when you are able to I think you would love them!