Sunday, September 30, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes Halloween 2012 Sets and Swatches!

Hey Everyone!!!!

   I have quite the exciting post for you today! I have been looking forward to this for a while since Halloween is my FAVORITE time of year and Glamour Doll Eyes is one of my absolute favorite makeup companies, I was super excited when I saw that Vee posted on the GDE Facebook Page if any bloggers would be interested in purchasing the 2012 Halloween Sets a little early to blog about them! So of course, I jumped on the opportunity to purchase them so I could have them all swatched for you by the time the sets come out!

Fist off, how cute is this packaging that the sets come with?! I absolutely LOVE the stickers too!

 Here is what the Halloween jar top stickers look like!

And now for the swatches! Underneath each swatch photo I will follow with my description of the shadows :)

Each shadow was swatched over GDE Control Freak Primer.

Each of the photos are taken in artificial light with no flash.

Halloween Set 1:

From Left to Right: Frankie's Girl, Permanent Address, Gruesome, & Corpselike

Frankie's Girl is the perfect "pea soup" green color for Halloween; this shadow is a matte finish.
Permanent Address is a deep taupe color with baby blue and purple shimmer throughout.

Gruesome is a bright, vibrant pink, similar to Phyrra but without the strong purple undertone.
Corpselike is the perfect highlight shade, it has a slight golden hue to it.

Halloween Set 2:

From Left to Right: Bat Wings, Vampire Wedding, Macabre, & Apparition (Eye Light)

Macabre is much prettier than I anticipated, it is a mustard-like yellow with very slight shimmer over a matte finish.
Apparition is an absolutely gorgeous eye light (glitter) with purple, yellow, and green glitter.

Bat Wings is a beautiful black with deep blue, purple, and green shimmer throughout.
Vampire Wedding is a deepened brick red color with slight red and gold shimmer throughout.

A darker picture of Bat Wings to show how truly black this shadow is and the shimmer throughout!

Apparition close up
I really cannot choose which Halloween set is my favorite because they both have colors in them that I absolutely am in love with! For Set 1, my favorites are Frankie's Girl and Corpselike and for Set 2, my favorites are Apparition (It's one of the pretties glitters I have ever seen!), Macabre, and Vampire Wedding!

Both of the sets will be available October 1st, 2012!

Are you planning to purchase either (or both) of the sets?! Which shadows are your favorites?

- Alicia

***Disclaimer*** All products shown in this post were purchased by myself and all opinions are my own.


  1. i love permanent address and bat wings! so pretty i will be picking these upfor sure! thanks for the great post!

  2. Don't you just love Macabre?! The second set is definately my favorite, I wore Vampire Wedding and Macabre today. Love them!