Thursday, June 21, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes Summer Girls Collection

Hey Everyone!!!

Today I am super excited because I got my Glamour Doll Eyes Summer Girls Collection in the mail! This has been a long anticipated collection and I am so glad that I was able to get my hands on this collection! The Summer Girls Collection is limited edition; there are only 100 sets being sold, so if you are interested click here and get them quick before they are gone! Now on to the collection! This collection comes with 6 eye shadows, a mini Foil Me, and a mini Glamour Gloss. All of the shadows contain shimmer, which is great for summer looks! Here is a little description of each item in the collection as described by Glamour Doll Eyes:

-       Cora: A medium to bright pink with a slight orange hue and pink-red sparkles.
-       Mollie: A bluish purple with golden sparkle.
-       Ariana: A pale yellow with slight pink shimmer.
-       Crystal: A light orange, almost coral, with green sparkle.
-       Morgan: A blue with purple undertones and a greenish blue sparkle.
-       Brooke: A medium green with a yellow/gold duochrome.

Foil Me:
-       Foil Me is used to apply your shadows wet or to use the shadows as a liner; this sample comes in a squeeze bottle, which is great as it is very easy to use!

Glamour Gloss:
-       Zoe: A bright orange lip gloss

Glamour Doll Eyes Makeup Bag:
            - A white bag that fits all 6 shadows, Foil Me, and the lip gloss. This bag is white and has a pink zipper and detailing of stars, swallows, and of course the GDE logo.

I am absolutely in love with the shadows that are in this collection!  I like how there is a wide variety of shades and that they all have their own unique twist to them. They are the perfect shades for summer looks but can also be transformed into more dramatic looks. My personal favorites are Brooke, anything with a duochrome I am drawn to, and Mollie.

This was my first time trying Foil Me and I really like it as a base for shadows! This base is tacky so that the shadows stick very well but don’t become clumpy and blend easily. This base really makes the shadows pop and their sparkles and undertones really show through.

Now on to the gloss! The color initially looks very shocking in the tube, but once applied to the lips it is quite sheer. It gives a slight orange tint to the lips and has a little bit of a sheen. I personally like the way it looks and it smells amazing!!!!!! The smell of coconut quickly drew me to this gloss and now I can’t stop putting it on haha! The gloss is very smooth and makes your lips feel very hydrated and soft.

The makeup bag is so cute and great to put in your purse or to take with you on vacation. Although it is small, it will fit the necessities and is big enough for more than 6 GDE shadows and will fit lipsticks and lip gloss!

Everything about this collection is amazing and definitely worth checking out. As I said before get them quickly because they are limited edition! I hope you all found this post helpful and have a great day!

Glamour Doll Eyes also changed up their packaging in this collections and I absolutely LOVE it! The "Glamour Girl" as I like to call her has more of a punky-pinup style and I absolutely love it!

I swatched the shadows dry and using Foil Me to show the comparison of the shadows wet and dry

Glamour Gloss in "Zoe"

Glamour Gloss in "Zoe"

Crystal and Brooke

Mollie and Ariana

Morgan & Cora

Crystal and Brooke

Mollie and Ariana

Morgan and Cora

***Disclaimer*** All products in this post were purchased by myself and all opinions on these products are my own.


  1. Great post! I'm eagerly awaiting my set to get in.

  2. Replies
    1. They really are, I really enjoy the colors that they put into this summer collection! They all go perfectly with each other and can be made into great looks!