Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: Sugarpill Cosmetics Heart Breaker Palette

 Hey Everyone!

  So today I am doing a review for you on the new Sugarpill Cosmetics Heart Breaker Palette! This palette made its debut on May 18th on the Sugarpill website and is the final palette in Sugarpill’s “Heart” series. I am absolutely in love with this palette and as with the other Sugarpill shadows, this one is amazing! The shadows have great pigmentation and wear fantastic on the lid.

The packaging of this palette is to die for. I love how they changed from the usual pink cover on the palette to blue and silver; definitely my favorite color scheme! The packaging is very sturdy, black cardboard and it contains a mirror on the inside lid and the four shadows. I have never had any issues with the packaging coming apart or becoming banged up from being used. These palettes are also very easy to store since they are smaller.

There is a great array of BRIGHT colors in this palette and they are perfect for summer and those bright, fun looks! This palette can be found on the Sugarpill website ( for $34.00. The four shadows can be purchased individually as well for $12.00 each.

Now on to the amazing colors in this palette:

Acidberry: A bright, vibrant lime green matte with a slight pearl sheen.
2am: A matte, more pink/red toned purple with a slight pearl sheen.
Mochi: An amazing bright seafoam green/teal matte with a pearl sheen.
Velocity: A matte royal blue (similar to Royal Sugar but matte!).

Mochi is my absolute favorite color out of all four in this palette, but I am a sucker for anything teal! Mochi seems to have more of a sheen than the other pearl shades. Acidberry has good color payoff although for swatches I did have to go over it a few times just to get it more vibrant. 2am is a fantastic purple. I know that purples are one of the more difficult shadow shades to get right and Sugarpill did wonders with Poison Plum and 2am is definitely up to par! This purple is very vibrant and has a more red/pink tone than Poison Plum, which is a more blue toned purple. Velocity is a great vibrant almost cornflower blue color and it is straight matte.

Overall I definitely think that this palette is worth picking up especially if you are wanting to experiment with colors or use them for more toned down looks! The color payoff is amazing and these shadows blend like a charm. I would give this palette a 5 out of 5 stars!

Overall Rating: 9.5/10
-       This product receives a 9.5 only due to the fact that Acidberry is a color that just needs a little bit of work to get good color payoff, but otherwise I have no issues with this palette or the shadows!

Left to Right: Acidberry, Velocity, 2am, & Mochi

Left to Right: Afterparty & Velocity

Left to Right: Poison Plum & 2am

Left to Right: Acidberry, Midori, & Mochi

*****Disclaimer***** All products included in this review were purchased by myself and were not provided by the company for review purposes. All


  1. I loved your pictures, I think the comparison between acidberry, midori and mochi was awesome, didnt even think about that one. I also did a blog about my thoughts on this palette today too...

    1. Thank you! I figured that people would want to see how they compare :) I will check yours out :)

  2. I really want this palette! It looks beautiful :)

  3. colors like a dream!:)