Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Review & Swatches: Mazzie Cosmetics Blushes!

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Today I am going to be doing a review and swatches of Mazzie Cosmetics blushes! Mazzie Cosmetics has formulated 8 blushes that have a matte base and a couple have a shimmer to them to give a nice glow to the skin. The blushes come in a 10 gram jar that is filled to the brim and each container has a sifter. The cost is $6.00 for a jar and considering you only need a TINY amount of product, it is well worth the money and these blushes will last you forever!

  • All swatches done on bare skin; no primer.
  • All photos taken in artificial light.
  • All photos taken with flash.

From Left to Right: Adore, Burn, & Rust

From Left to Right: Rascal, Paradise, & Berry

From Left to Right: Passion Pink & Siren
  • MC: A yellow/brown color with shimmer.
  • ME: Adore is a peachy/neutral shade with a good amount of shimmer throughout. If you are fair this would be a gorgeous peach blush on you. 
  • MC: A matte orange/brown color.
  • ME: Burn is one of those "camel brown" shades in the pot. Once it's blended out it pulls to be a reddish/orange blush with a hint of brown. I really think this blush is gorgeous but definitely use a light hand!
  • MC: A matte red/pink color.
  • ME: Rust is a beautiful red/brown blush that has a slight pink undertone. This blush is absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorites. Again, a light hand is a must.
  • MC: A peach/pink color with some shimmer.
  • ME: Rascal is a light pink/peach blush with some shimmer throughout.
  • MC: A matte peach/brown color.
  • ME: Paradise is a peach with a slight brown undertone. I adore this blush and I believe that it would work on a variety of skin tones.
  • MC: A matte hot pink/purple color.
  • ME: Berry is a vibrant fuchsia blush. This blush seems to pull a bit darker once swatched than it looks in the pan (which I personally prefer). 
Passion Pink:
  • MC: A light matte rose/pink color.
  • ME: Passion Pink is a very pale pink blush that pulls a rosy undertone. I personally am not a huge fan of wicked light blushes but if you have fair skin this would work great for you.
  • MC: A matte bright pink color.
  • ME: Siren is a matte bright pink with slight shimmer. 
Overall, I really enjoy Mazzie Cosmetics blushes. I find that they are extremely pigmented and you only need a little bit to go a long way. I do recommend using a Duo-Fibre brush to apply these. 

My favorites are Rust, Paradise, Rascal, and Berry. 

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