Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Review: Sigma Advanced Artistry Brush Set!

Hey Everyone!

Today I have a review of the Advanced Artistry Brush Set from Sigma! This brush set was released a few months ago and I have been trying them out to review them for you all! Just as a disclaimer, I was sent these products by Sigma but I chose to do the review on my own.

The Advanced Artistry Brush Set is composed of 3 individual brush sets, the Spot On Concealer Set, the Extreme Color Payoff Set, and the Perfect Blend Set. Each of the individual sets has 6 brushes.

The first of the 3 kits that I will talk about is the Spot On Concealer Set. The purpose of this set is to apply concealer to any areas of redness, blemishes, dark spots, etc... and each brush has its own unique shape to blend and apply concealer.

From Left to Right: F64, F68, F71, F69, F63, & F66
F64 Soft Blend Concealer: This brush is my absolute favorite brush out of this set! It's a large concealer brush that is tapered at the top to create a seamless blend. This brush blends out concealer in larger areas of the face as well as under the eyes in seconds.

F68 Pin-Point Concealer: The F68 is a great brush for tackling those smaller blemishes on the face. You can also use this brush to add shadow to the lower lash line, inner corner, and even use it as a liner brush!

F71 Detail Concealer: The F71 is my least favorite brush out of this kit. It's a very long, flimsy brush that doesn't work well to pack concealer onto blemishes. You can use it to blend out the edges of concealer if you applied it with the F68, but I don't find that this brush applies concealer well at all.

F69 Angled Pixel Concealer: The F69 is a great brush for concealing slightly larger blemishes. It's also a fantastic brush for applying shadow to the lower lash line! It's very soft and blends out products (liquid, cream, or powder) beautifully!

F63 Airbrush Blender: I actually do not like this brush for concealer, I find that it best works as a blending brush for shadows! It's similar to the F64 in that it's a tapered brush but it's not as densely packed. It blends eyeshadows like a dream!

F66 Angled Buff Concealer: The F66 is a great brush for applying concealer to larger areas of the face but I personally prefer it to pack on shadow in the outer corner of the lid to really deepen up the crease!

The next kit that I would like to discuss is the Perfect Blending Set. This set contains 6 brushes that can be used for blending out the smallest of areas on the lid, creating perfect cut creases, and blending out harsh lines.

From Left to Right: E38, E39, E32, E71, E48, & E37
E38 Diffused Crease: The E38 is a great blending brush. This brush is small enough to keep your blending confined but is dense enough to really buff out the shadow to create a seamless effect.

E39 Buff and Blend: The E39 is a small, dense, round top blending brush that works great to pack color into the crease or outer corner. This brush packs on the color and blends at the same time creating beautiful depth to the eyes.

E32 Exact Blend: The E32 is a more flat (almost shadow brush like) blending brush that I love to use on the lower lash line to get a nice smokey eye effect.

E71 Highlight Diffuser: I actually prefer this brush to apply concealer to larger areas of the face such as around my nose, in between my brows and my chin. This brush doesn't soak up concealer and blends the concealer into my foundation so easy! I found it to be a bit large to use as a highlight brush.

E48 Pointed Crease: The E48 is another favorite of mine. This brush is great for creating cut creases as it applies product to exactly where you need it and doesn't over-blend at all! It's a tapered brush so it gets right into the crease and keeps the color there while it slightly blends out the edges.

E37 All Over Blend: The E37 is another densely packed round top blending brush that works great to pack on the crease color and blend at the same time. This brush has the ability to buff out shadows a bit better than the E39 because it is a bit longer.

The third of the three sets is the Extreme Color Payoff Set. This set is composed of 6 brushes that are great at packing on the color where you need it the most! Each of the brushes are uniquely shaped to apply color directly to where it's needed and with the intensity that we all want!

From Left to Right: E30, E58, E20, E44, E59, & E57
E30 Pencil: The E30 is a great pencil brush that really packs on the color! I love to use this to smudge under the lower lash line as well as to apply shadow to the inner corner and right under the arch of the brow.

E58 Cream Color: The E58 is a great paddle brush that is perfect for applying wet eyeshadows. This brush doesn't cause the shadows to bunch up on the lid at all and does a great job at applying a nice, opaque layer.

E20 Short Shader: The E20 is a smaller shader brush that I like to use on the lower lash line to smudge out shadows or to create a more smoked out effect.

E44 Firm Blender: The E44 is a great brush for applying shadow into the inner corner as well as underneath the brow. The tapered feature of this brush allows it to really pack on the color and blend at the same time.

E59 Wide Shader: The E59 is my favorite brush out of this entire kit! This brush is amazing at packing on the color on the entire lid, one swipe and you're done! It makes those "no makeup, makeup days" very quick and easy!

E57 Firm Shader: The E57 is a smaller shader brush that is great for applying shadow as a highlight on the center of the lid.

Overall, I really enjoy the Advanced Artistry Brush Set and I would highly recommend you try these brushes out! I just saw on the Sigma website that each of these brushes can also be purchased individually! If I had to recommend one set out of the entire set, I would recommend the Perfect Blend Set, each of the brushes do amazing blending work and are so unique to what they do. I also have a slight obsession with blending brushes so that may also explain why that one is my favorite haha!

The entire Advanced Artistry Set can be purchased for $175.00 or each set individually can be purchased for $63.00. I think that these sets are well worth the money. These brushes have held up through numerous deep cleans and spot cleanings and I have seen no evidence of the hairs shedding or bleeding.

If you are interested in purchasing these brushes, I have a discount code for the month of February. If you use the code FEB2014 you will receive 10% off of your entire purchase!

I hope that you found this review to be helpful! Have any of you tried out this set? Which brushes are your favorites?!


**DISCLAIMER** Some or all products in this post have been provided by the brands stated for review or use. All opinions are my own and it is my obligation to give my readers an honest review of any products received, whether positive or negative.


  1. Amazing review!!! Do you think this kit is good for a beginner or the basic eyes kit? I am planning to buy sigma brushes and I just could not decide which kit is the best for eyes... ://

  2. I know that there is no comparision between this set and the basic eyes kit but what mean is that can this be used by a beginner?? I have been watching youtube videos and tutorials since almost an year now and I think that its time invest in some useful good quality ones