Thursday, September 26, 2013

Get Tutorial Ready With Me!

Hey Everyone!

Today's video is a bit different than my usual tutorials. I am going to be showing you how I get ready for my tutorials! I was asked in a comment to show my entire routine but the thing is, my videos would be soooooo long if I did that and I figured that doing a video strictly showing you my routine to prep for a tutorial would be best! I hope that you find this video helpful!

I am also including pictures of all of the products that I use in this post in case you missed any or if you are interested in trying them out for yourselves!

This is a great eye cream; it's soft, smooth, and doesn't irritate the under eye area

Cetaphil has been a staple in my skincare for a few years now; I like the moisturizer as it isn't greasy at all!

This primer is new to me and I love the way it sinks into the skin and leaves a smooth finish to the skin for foundation to be applied over

Palettes are extremely helpful for mixing products!

My go to foundation! I couldn't live without this stuff and I highly recommend it! Perfect for full coverage and a beautiful matte finish to the skin!

Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow products are great and both the powder and pencil are my absolute favorite for my brows! The clear mascara is cheap and keeps the brows in place all day!

OCC Conceal is a full coverage concealer that's great to cover up any blemishes or redness.

My absolute favorite under eye concealer! It blends beautifully and has amazing coverage.

I use this when I am darker as an under eye setting powder!

My MAC Studio Fix is my favorite powder foundation! It's FULL coverage and lasts all day! 

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