Friday, November 16, 2012

Review & Swatches: Glamour Doll Eyes Pick Your Poison Collection

Hey Everyone!

     Glamour Doll Eyes has recently come out with a new collection in collaboration with Amber of A Bit Prissy, who also became a Glamour Girl!!! (Congrats Amber!!) This collection is definitely a favorite of mine because the concept for these shadows is that they all have a neutral base and are also duochrome! I absolutely LOVE duochromes, so obviously I had to purchase this collection as soon as possible!

I will be listing all of the shadows with the Glamour Doll Eyes description followed by my own description of the shadows!

Each shadow was swatched over Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me.

Each of the photos was taken in artificial light with no flash.

Shadow Descriptions:

GDE: Feverish consists of a deep taupe base with a red duochrome. Could also look like a pink shift when matched with certain colors.
ME: Feverish is a beautiful taupe and seemed to have a more purple/red duochrome than straight red. I did see the pink shift while taking photos and it is slightly apparent in the picture below.

GDE: Mushroom consists of a deep taupe base with a silver duochrome.
ME: Mushroom is a gorgeous gunmetal duochrome shadow! As seen in the photo below, it has a slight blue-teal sheen to it. This is definitely one of my favorites!

GDE: Corrode consists of a deep taupe base with a green duochrome.
ME: Corrode is a taupe base with a green duochrome. This shadow is a perfect green for the upcoming Holidays!

GDE: Malicious consists of a deep taupe base with a blue duochrome.
ME: Malicious is a deep blue duochrome with a lighter blue sheen.

GDE: Lethal consists of a deep taupe base with a purple duochrome.
ME: Lethal is a deep purple duochrome, I really enjoy this purple and it will make a gorgeous smokey eye!

GDE: Bittersweet consists of a deep taupe base with an orange/gold duochrome.
ME: Bittersweet is a beautiful antiqued gold/rose gold duochrome. Definitely another favorite of mine!

Right to Left: Feverish, Mushroom, Corrode

Right to Left: Malicious, Lethal, Bittersweet

 Overall I think that this collection is AMAZING and I hope that Glamour Doll Eyes does more duochrome shadows like these ones, with a taupe base! I really think these could be comparable to the Urban Decay Smoked Palette, although I have never used it, the shadows seem similar and are a much cheaper option!

This collection can be purchased here for $24.00 for the full size jars, $10.75 for the sample size jars, and $5.60 for the sample baggies.

My favorite shadows from this collection are Bittersweet, Mushroom, Feverish, and Lethal.

Have you purchased this collection or are you planning to? Which are your favorites?

**DISCLAIMER**All products in this post were purchased by myself and all opinions are my own. It is my obligation to give my readers an honest review of any products, whether positive or negative.

- Alicia

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